It’s been one of those weeks this week. Everything as decided to happen. Two deadlines for two university essays, all my children being riotous, with one deciding that sleep no longer exists on this planet of existence and therefore no-one else needs so. She will not go down for naps, she will not go to bed and when she does eventually stop screaming over an hour after she’s been put down to sleep, she wakes from anywhere around 11 to scream the place down until 5 when we come downstairs in the morning. No-one is sleeping in this household! Hopefully it’s only temporary and it will stop quite sharpish.

It should make me happier as it means more crochet time technically but any time that’s free is going into finishing my essays but on a high point, I do have a week of no work before the next module so super lots of crafting to take place there haha.

Hoping everyone else us doing well and maybe having a bit more fun than me! 😆

🌼 Hand made with love from Daisy