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Moogly CAL update

Again, I forgot to update… bad me Haha. If you haven’t already, then check the page for more yarny goodness on this CAL (thats technically finished but I’m always late to the party anyways). I have so much fun doing all the CALs and different patterns available and I still and will always blame you lovely people with your wonderful patterns, making and writing them, curse you all…hahahaha. You’re all enablers…..

Anyways back to the point, here is the most recent to this CAL


This one is quite ‘lacy’ but hopefully it will stay in its shape and behave itself 🙂

Another WIP

This one has been sat a while with just the first round of petals, so last night I decided it was time to start working on it again. You may recognize it as the ‘Blooming Flower Pillow’ but here’s the difference: I’m going to turn this into a blanket…or rug, instead of a pillow but may add a matching one at a later date.


I’m going expand it out to a decent size, then begin to square it off. I may use Sophie’s Universe squaring and then add an array of other borders and such and add smaller flowers like these around, we will see 😆

🌼 Hand made with love from Daisy

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