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Completed Minion Minecraft style blanket.

Its done! Its finally, finally done. This is a commission started a while back for my nephews birthday, which is today and I have just finished sewing the last row and then working a border around it.


It isn’t the best photo but I didn’t have any room to take a better one and I’m not tall enough either, so its taken with me balancing in the sofa arm, holding the camera out as far as possible hahaha. This beast measures 52″ x62.5″ and I just had to weigh it as it is fairly heavy. It weighs a good kilogramme.

I’ve used worsted weight Caron One Pound yarn and a 5.5mm hook. All dome in DC stitch except the border which is sc and 3hdc in each corner. There’s 120 squares in total and lots of sewing. I worked from a picture I found on the net, although altered the stitches used. It was chosen as it works up like a Minecraft style minion and that’s the two requirements wanted 🙂 happy days.

Merry Christmas and all that jazz

Its that time of year again where there is so much mess, chaos and noise that you can’t think straight and start wondering if you’ve burnt the food for the first time all year – Christmas day. The glory of our so much celebrated holiday. Its been a dreary day where I live, along with all the chaos and running around just like that turkey in the over…headless…ah but we’ve survived and alas, the house is silent and a well warned rest with hook or needles and some tasty, tasty yarn can be had. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing.


Today I picked Sophie back up. Oh how I’ve missed her…remind me not to put her down again until I’m done. I ha e also been working on other projects, as you all know most recently I completed an evil minion commission and then started the kitty cat tote. Well in good old fashioned me style, I’ve also started another minion blanket but this time its a regular yellow one made in squares to look like a retro 8 bit gaming character. Once I have some more done I will show you all some photos. However, back to Sophie for a little while longer this evening.

All happy season greetings and whatnot to those who prefer yarn over….well, most things really haha.

Evil Minion completion

I am back. I have finally, finally, after around 25,000 stitches, completed the evil minion blanket I was commissioned to do for a Christmas present. Its a paid pattern by Lucy Barnes and comes with the option for different versions (one or two eyed, eye lids etc.)

I went off the grid as I knew I would be even more distracted and would never get it done. But now I have so here I am.

Here is the blanket




Yes, it owns its own locks if hair above each eye and the eyes, hair, mouth, teether, straps, buttons emblem in the pocket and the pocket itself are all individual items that I’ve stitched on once the blanket was complete.

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