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Liebster Award

So I have been nominated for this award…which us GREAT!! Haha. And I promise to do this properly when I get to a pc rather than my phone. But just a shout out to say a massive thanks to Bessie V over at shellesandbobbles for the nomination and to say I promise promise promise I wasn’t being rude, I just can’t do it properly from my phone but I do acknowledge this. So again thank you, you gem of a super star!!

🌼 Hand made with love from Daisy

Playing catch up

I’m currently sat working away in a balbket ice had in the works for a while now. It’s a knitted blanket, made in squares by Big and Little Knitting Projects magazine subscription. This is a thick, chunky, cream blanket and ice just finished square 23 and so far I have 48 books…which of course means I have some serious catching up to do if I ever want to finish it. There’s even more books to come so I have no idea just how big this thing will be.

Most recent


Honestly it’s much better in real and its not blocked here. I do have to work on my tension for these squares because they are all coming out at e different sizes, when they are supposed to be 20cm x 20cm. Some are, some slightly off and others a few cm away. I blame the pattern hahaha. Lots of different patterns involved and some tricky ones involved, so stitches get stretched or tightened.

Practice makes perfect. I’m sure ill get there. There will be a page set up to show all the work so far and they are also on my FB page – Daisy Designs Crafts.

🌼 Hand made with love from Daisy

Knitted rug.

I subscribe to Big & Little Knitting Projects and in books 39 there is a pattern for a fluffy rug, or as they call it, Cut Loop Rug. It calls for the use of 25 x 50g balls if Wendy Aspire Chunky in Thistle (shade 3249) and 7.5mm long needles.

Thus is their version


I however couldn’t get hold of said yarn, so opted for 8mm 100cm circular needles and 6 x 200g balls of James C. Brett Marble Chunky in what I believe to be dye lot 1576, colour MC40. It’s a blue, green, red type blend and feels supper soft in the part I’ve made so far. It’s a simple 4 row repeat pattern, but boy does it take a while…


This is the back, or the part that would be in the floor.


The top (or front)


The yarn.

It’s supposed to be 60x90cm in size once it’s finished…I wonder if I’ll get that far haha

Hand made with love from Daisy

A day in the life…

It takes a long time to photo everything you have and trust me, I’m doing it, I’ve added some new pages, with a few on which will be updated periodically when I complete something relevant to that page, so do keep checking and if you’re never sure, then just ask and I’ll let you know if anything is new in the hooks/needles/sewing machine haha. Be patient with me, I have to do this in between being mauled by animals…I mean looking after my three children 😜

Hand made with love from Daisy

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