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Started on the ‘Unforgettable Cables’ earwarmer. Using just a plain white for this as it’s like snow and is of course, for winter. The pattern called for worsted by I’be gone with some chunky and it is super soft and wonderful.

It’s 8″ long so far and I have to get it to 19″ before I can decrease for four and then join. So I’m working at two rows per inch, so I estimate about 22 more rows of pattern and 4 of decrease to go haha


🌼 Hand made with love from Daisy

HOTH – started today….

…finished today. This is the Jazlyn baby hat pattern over on Snappy Tots. It has of course been altered as you all know I often do with patterns. The pattern is for a baby size and that is.just.adorable!! So I’m definitely going to do one in the original size of my baby.

This one I carried on the increasing rounds for a few then started to shape. After the layered colour rounds I added a few extra hdc rounds, then sc rounds and finished with a crab stitch round. I did also increase the length of the ‘tail’ at the beginning.




From what I can tell, I should have left out one or two increase rounds as I had to decrease on a few of the bottom white rounds so it actually fit again, hence the bulging part around the colour. But I’m happy, it works up quick and they are just so darn cute!

🌼 Hand made with love from Daisy

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