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Giant Wall Doily

This was finished quite some time ago but I never got round to mounting it when i had completed it. Now that it has been mounted and hanging on my wall for some time, it is about time that I revealed the final product….


The pattern is the Doily MCAL by BG Designs and my finished one ended up being backed onto a 32″ x 40″ canvas, using black DK yarn and a whole bottle of ModPod to stitck it down.

Now that I finally finished it, I can say that it is a great pattern, well written and easy to follow. Works up quick and it would definitely look great with multiple together on canvas, maybe even different colours and sizes…similar to my Mother’s Day Gift Doilies.

Part 5 Doily MCAL

I have now caught up and have completed part 5 of the Doily MCAL that is being hosted on Facebook by CALs by BG Designs.


It’s now a giant 28.5″ across using black dk and a 4mm hook, instead of the 1.25mm hook and crochet thread. There are still some rounds to come so it will get even bigger and then there is the canvas backing to add…..exciting times 🙂



Doily MCAL

So there was another pattern I came across……yes, I started it. It’s the Doily MCAL and can be found on ‘CALs by BG Designs’ over on Facebook. It is obvious that it will be a doily and its a vamped up version, modern, deco , wallart piece so I can’t wait to see what it will look like.

Here is mine so far…


Joined yesterday and just finished now. I decided to use some yarn I already had and I wanted a bigger version, so this is black dk and a 4mm hook. Its about 18″ across at the moment. It was suggested to use crochet thread and a 1.5mm (or there abouts) hook. I like to go big when doing projects hahaha. I pinned it out so the stitches can be seen clearer until its finished and backed onto canvas.

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