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Completed Reversible Carnival Scatter Cushion

Last night I sat and completed two projects. This cushion was one of them. The other was a bag but I have since decided to add something extra to that so you will get to see that once I’ve done so. However, here is the cushion…



It is completed using a 4mm hook and dk yarn in white, light pink, bright pink, light purple, bright purple, yellow, dark green, light green, soft light blue, blue and dark brown.. This is one of several patterns available in the Scarps of Yarn Challenge (that is available with a quick google search). As I’ve previously said, this mostly matches the colours used on the pattern except for the bright purple which is why I had to substitute with. I also ‘borrowed’ one of my sofa cushions insides to stuff it and then the edges have be sc closed so it bow lives as one of my scatter cushions on the sofa and is the odd one out but that’s ok hahaha

Carnival Reversible Cushion

Here’s an update on the scraps of yarn challenge cushion I have been making. I have completed all the individual blocks…


…and started to stitch them together for the front and back…


…with one panel completed as the back, just the rounds for the border need doing here to make the piece bigger…


…as suggested, I used whip stitch to stitch each together. Not the best photo in the world but you get the gist. From here the front needs to be stitched together and borders adding and finally the two bits fastened to one another (hopefully with a cushion inside, if I can find one).

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