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Those days….

I have those days where I see a pattern and it doesn’t matter how many thousand (literally that many) patterns, projects and other bits I already have on the go, I just have to have the pattern and I just have to do it straight away…

Well this is what happened when I made the Jellyfish and the Octopus….by the way, if you have small children, these adorable things made mine squeal with excitement and run around so it may very well happen to yours too haha.

The Jelly fish…

…yes, it’s the cutest Jelly you’ll ever find and it does the job. I made mine with extra curly jiggly tentacly things (very technical name for them) and there are many tutorials on how to get the best out of the curls. The pattern itself is from One Dog Woof and they do explain a couple of ways to get a good curl going.

Baby Octopus…

…again, how cute!? This pattern is the amigurumi octopus pattern from the Muhu Blog site and is super easy to make and follow and works up quick. I added a key-chain to it as it is just the right size to attach to your keys and keep it with you.


Speaking of Octopus patterns… I am also working on this beast by Vox Mortuum. It is a paid Ravelry pattern and is a huge monster. I am excited to get this finished…..3 foot! It will be 3 foot across! How is that not something to be excited about.


(Not my photo or work above, that is Vox’s completed one).

**It’s important to remember that as someone who crafts, we are supporting someone else who also crafts. Someone who has spent a lot of time and energy and money on creating a pattern for us to enjoy and at times it is easy to forget that it may be their livelihood, their income that they get from us purchasing their patterns. So as much as it is nice to receive patterns for free, its also nice to remember and support one another every so often with a bought pattern. They often cost a lot less than a take-away coffee does…I had this thought a few weeks back and realised that I had been striving to find similar patterns to those I wanted but for free instead and in all honesty, a few pound really does not break my bank and I have now found that I buy many more patterns then before, even only after a few weeks. So, I feel that it’s important to remember that just every now and then we can help each other out, even if it is something small 🙂 **


Big Head Baby Dolls

These are a thing. You may have seen these too. Crocheted dolls. This is my first. I have made more since this one and my children have claimed it as their own which now loves in the push chair.

He is a mamap….as my youngest likes to call them. Or in our language, a rabbit. Complete with fluffy white tail.


Made using doubled up DK strands and a 5mm hook.


The pattern is available from Nutshell Lane Studio on Facebook, whereas the dungarees is a pattern by Laura Tegg who is well known for her WeeBee Dolls and clothing patterns and the hat pattern is by Jess from Make and Do Crew.


Completed Fur Flap Booties

Another project completed is the fur flap booties. These are worked up using a 3.5mm hook with chunky white for the soles, doubled up light pink for the booties and white fluff for the cuff. A white button had been sewn on to hold the flap in place.


This is the 6-12 month size of the pattern which is available from the purchased pattern (comes with 0-3 and 3-6 month sizes too) over on Ravelry from Newborn Knots. I have also purchased another two pairs of baby booties patterns from Newborn Knots and they are so adorable. Keep your eyes open for my posts of those when I’ve done them 🙂

Fur Flap Booties

I have completed one beautiful little fur flap baby bootie from Newborn Knots. These booties are just so cute that I couldn’t resist having a go at them.

I used doubled up light pink dk and a thin chunky white, with a fluffy (what I call snow) yarn for the fur flap. The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn and a 3.75mm hook. I used the above yarn with a 3.5mm hook and went with the 6-12 month size (as the pattern comes with 3 different sizes).








Carnival Reversible Cushion

Here’s an update on the scraps of yarn challenge cushion I have been making. I have completed all the individual blocks…


…and started to stitch them together for the front and back…


…with one panel completed as the back, just the rounds for the border need doing here to make the piece bigger…


…as suggested, I used whip stitch to stitch each together. Not the best photo in the world but you get the gist. From here the front needs to be stitched together and borders adding and finally the two bits fastened to one another (hopefully with a cushion inside, if I can find one).

Scraps of Yarn

I have took up another couple of projects to bust through my stash. It have decided to start the Scraps of Yarn Challenges created by the lovely being over at Creative Crochet. I have started with the reversible cushion and have completed part 1 of the four parts to this particular pattern.


As its a stash buster, its multicoloured however I have pretty much match the colours with the shown pictures in the pattern except for the brighter purple around the edge of the largest square. Its all dk using a 4mm hook.

Part 5 Doily MCAL

I have now caught up and have completed part 5 of the Doily MCAL that is being hosted on Facebook by CALs by BG Designs.


It’s now a giant 28.5″ across using black dk and a 4mm hook, instead of the 1.25mm hook and crochet thread. There are still some rounds to come so it will get even bigger and then there is the canvas backing to add…..exciting times 🙂



Part 5 Wonder CAL

Just for round to doing part 5 of the Wonder CAL Blanket 2016. Just using the two colours chosen originally. 5mm hook and dk yarn, it now sits at 10.5″ in ‘height’.


This little gem is going to be super warm, soft and wintery when its done and just in time for Christmas.

Doily MCAL

So there was another pattern I came across……yes, I started it. It’s the Doily MCAL and can be found on ‘CALs by BG Designs’ over on Facebook. It is obvious that it will be a doily and its a vamped up version, modern, deco , wallart piece so I can’t wait to see what it will look like.

Here is mine so far…


Joined yesterday and just finished now. I decided to use some yarn I already had and I wanted a bigger version, so this is black dk and a 4mm hook. Its about 18″ across at the moment. It was suggested to use crochet thread and a 1.5mm (or there abouts) hook. I like to go big when doing projects hahaha. I pinned it out so the stitches can be seen clearer until its finished and backed onto canvas.

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