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We are all well aware of the craze sweeping the world with PokemonGo and the crafting world is no different. Hats, scarves, mitts, gloves, teddies, bags, lovies, blankets…you name it, we’ve all seen it or you ย been asked to make it or asked someone to make it.



(Above is a Poke-ball keyring I made using cotton thread and a 1.25mm hook. I added a proper keyring loop so it could be attached to keys).

I was asked to make a set for Christmas and I obliged. It included a selection of pokemon characters, along with some poke-balls, poke-balls that opened and some poke-egg drawstring bags. Some are below…


The photos have their own captions but there were more including Picachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Zubat.

They were all pretty much the same size and sat neatly in the palm of your hand. All used DK yarn and a 4mm hook. They were fiddly at times but great fun to make. They were also free patterns found through Nicole’s Nerdy Knots Facebook Page and the CrochetGo Facebook Page.

There were so many more other patterns available, all favourite characters, all well known ones, some not so well known ones, the old ones, new ones and many more in between. I may just start making some more just because I can.

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I did also make a larger version of the Picachu as a Christmas present for my son. Which again was from Nicole and it stood a good 6 or so inches in height if not more.

Part 5 Wonder CAL

Just for round to doing part 5 of the Wonder CAL Blanket 2016. Just using the two colours chosen originally. 5mm hook and dk yarn, it now sits at 10.5″ in ‘height’.


This little gem is going to be super warm, soft and wintery when its done and just in time for Christmas.

Wonder CAL Part 4

Just finished part 4 of the Wonder CAL which is available via the Facebook page (named as such). Again I have only used the cream and red yarn in thus pattern and will continue to do so.


It now measures 9″ from top to bottom and is beautifully textured. Its working up nicely and is certainly keeping my legs warm whilst I make it ๐Ÿ™‚

Guardian Angels

This was a Christmas gift I did. Five tiny guardian angels. The pattern is free and is by Av Camilla at Crochetmillan. I used crochet thread and the 2.25mm hook suggested and they turned out a couple of inches each.


I added the loop for hanging at the very beginning using the tail end from the start so having a longer tail then usual and tidying away but not pulling it all the way through, finishing with a tiny knit to keep it secure.

They feel so delicate but I think they are beautiful and so fun to make.

Here is the link…

Merry Christmas and all that jazz

Its that time of year again where there is so much mess, chaos and noise that you can’t think straight and start wondering if you’ve burnt the food for the first time all year – Christmas day. The glory of our so much celebrated holiday. Its been a dreary day where I live, along with all the chaos and running around just like that turkey in the over…headless…ah but we’ve survived and alas, the house is silent and a well warned rest with hook or needles and some tasty, tasty yarn can be had. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing.


Today I picked Sophie back up. Oh how I’ve missed her…remind me not to put her down again until I’m done. I ha e also been working on other projects, as you all know most recently I completed an evil minion commission and then started the kitty cat tote. Well in good old fashioned me style, I’ve also started another minion blanket but this time its a regular yellow one made in squares to look like a retro 8 bit gaming character. Once I have some more done I will show you all some photos. However, back to Sophie for a little while longer this evening.

All happy season greetings and whatnot to those who prefer yarn over….well, most things really haha.

Goddess Shawl

This has been in the works for some time now and i was making it for myself but then I decided to gift it to my mum for Christmas so I thought it was high time to finish it. I have been working in it, adding bits every so often and yesterday I completed it.

I had not blocked it at the time of the photos but have since fine this. The original pattern calls for 58×124.5cm on average and after blocking I came out with 58x134cm.

Yarn used is James C. Brett Moonlight Sonata (shade SM8). It goes from almost white, through cream, mocha and brown and back again. To me, this yarn is fine and can quite easily be used with 3mm and below hooks even though the label calls it double knit.

(Pictures do not show colours the best)






Kitty Cat Large Tote Bag

Started my next commission which is, clearly a large tote. This is a pattern by The Perfect Knot. Its working up fairly quick, even if I’ve only just started I expect it to be finished soon. I’ve also decided to line the bag just before o are the while thing together to avoid things slipping through the holes.


I’ve changed the colour scheme to include dark purple, black and light purple instead of the suggested bright pink, light pink and white. Just completing number 6 (showing 5) out of 48, with only two more being multicoloured, so super quick it should be from that point.

I may also customise it slightly as the cat applique is not wanted so may add something special instead of. Just for that extra something.

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