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Shoulder Bag

I started this bag for myself as I really liked the look of it but as I made it, I wasn’t feeling it that great. Its a wonderful pattern but I felt it wasn’t something I’d actually use. So I decided to finish it anyway and give it to my mum for her birthday as she said she wanted it whilst I was making it. Bonus. Haha




I used DK yarn so my bag came out smaller but I was using it as a stash buster too so that’s ok. It still came out at a decent size. The pattern is the ‘MoirĂ© Shoulder Bag’ created by Charmed by Ewe.

Kitty Cat Large Tote Bag

Started my next commission which is, clearly a large tote. This is a pattern by The Perfect Knot. Its working up fairly quick, even if I’ve only just started I expect it to be finished soon. I’ve also decided to line the bag just before o are the while thing together to avoid things slipping through the holes.


I’ve changed the colour scheme to include dark purple, black and light purple instead of the suggested bright pink, light pink and white. Just completing number 6 (showing 5) out of 48, with only two more being multicoloured, so super quick it should be from that point.

I may also customise it slightly as the cat applique is not wanted so may add something special instead of. Just for that extra something.

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