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Those days….

I have those days where I see a pattern and it doesn’t matter how many thousand (literally that many) patterns, projects and other bits I already have on the go, I just have to have the pattern and I just have to do it straight away…

Well this is what happened when I made the Jellyfish and the Octopus….by the way, if you have small children, these adorable things made mine squeal with excitement and run around so it may very well happen to yours too haha.

The Jelly fish…

…yes, it’s the cutest Jelly you’ll ever find and it does the job. I made mine with extra curly jiggly tentacly things (very technical name for them) and there are many tutorials on how to get the best out of the curls. The pattern itself is from One Dog Woof and they do explain a couple of ways to get a good curl going.

Baby Octopus…

…again, how cute!? This pattern is the amigurumi octopus pattern from the Muhu Blog site and is super easy to make and follow and works up quick. I added a key-chain to it as it is just the right size to attach to your keys and keep it with you.


Speaking of Octopus patterns… I am also working on this beast by Vox Mortuum. It is a paid Ravelry pattern and is a huge monster. I am excited to get this finished…..3 foot! It will be 3 foot across! How is that not something to be excited about.


(Not my photo or work above, that is Vox’s completed one).

**It’s important to remember that as someone who crafts, we are supporting someone else who also crafts. Someone who has spent a lot of time and energy and money on creating a pattern for us to enjoy and at times it is easy to forget that it may be their livelihood, their income that they get from us purchasing their patterns. So as much as it is nice to receive patterns for free, its also nice to remember and support one another every so often with a bought pattern. They often cost a lot less than a take-away coffee does…I had this thought a few weeks back and realised that I had been striving to find similar patterns to those I wanted but for free instead and in all honesty, a few pound really does not break my bank and I have now found that I buy many more patterns then before, even only after a few weeks. So, I feel that it’s important to remember that just every now and then we can help each other out, even if it is something small 🙂 **



We are all well aware of the craze sweeping the world with PokemonGo and the crafting world is no different. Hats, scarves, mitts, gloves, teddies, bags, lovies, blankets…you name it, we’ve all seen it or you  been asked to make it or asked someone to make it.



(Above is a Poke-ball keyring I made using cotton thread and a 1.25mm hook. I added a proper keyring loop so it could be attached to keys).

I was asked to make a set for Christmas and I obliged. It included a selection of pokemon characters, along with some poke-balls, poke-balls that opened and some poke-egg drawstring bags. Some are below…


The photos have their own captions but there were more including Picachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Zubat.

They were all pretty much the same size and sat neatly in the palm of your hand. All used DK yarn and a 4mm hook. They were fiddly at times but great fun to make. They were also free patterns found through Nicole’s Nerdy Knots Facebook Page and the CrochetGo Facebook Page.

There were so many more other patterns available, all favourite characters, all well known ones, some not so well known ones, the old ones, new ones and many more in between. I may just start making some more just because I can.

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I did also make a larger version of the Picachu as a Christmas present for my son. Which again was from Nicole and it stood a good 6 or so inches in height if not more.

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