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I’m still alive…😉

Over the past few months I have had one thing after another happen and as we all know, sonetimes that means we can’t always stay in too of everything. It means that sometimes, some things become less of a priority to others and this has been quite true for me.

There has been injuries, operations, illnesses. There has been children’s illnesses and injuries. Then here has been work and more work and then more rehab from operations yhat I have needed anf I’m surprised that i don’t have my own personal room in the hospital or that they kniw me on sight just simply because of hoe often I have been there.

However, I did not stop crocheting. Even though I stopped posted. I may have had off days (sometimes weeks) but I continued and now I am back and will begin to update my page with all the things I have been doing.

I’m excited to share and I hope you’re all excited to see what  I’ve been up to…so over the next few days keep an eye out 😄 because as well as updating here, I have also been finishing up other projects I have had going on. Because even though having over 20 WIPs on the go is ok…its not ok haha!!


Still alive and kicking

It’s been one of those weeks this week. Everything as decided to happen. Two deadlines for two university essays, all my children being riotous, with one deciding that sleep no longer exists on this planet of existence and therefore no-one else needs so. She will not go down for naps, she will not go to bed and when she does eventually stop screaming over an hour after she’s been put down to sleep, she wakes from anywhere around 11 to scream the place down until 5 when we come downstairs in the morning. No-one is sleeping in this household! Hopefully it’s only temporary and it will stop quite sharpish.

It should make me happier as it means more crochet time technically but any time that’s free is going into finishing my essays but on a high point, I do have a week of no work before the next module so super lots of crafting to take place there haha.

Hoping everyone else us doing well and maybe having a bit more fun than me! 😆

🌼 Hand made with love from Daisy

Liebster Award

So I have been nominated for this award…which us GREAT!! Haha. And I promise to do this properly when I get to a pc rather than my phone. But just a shout out to say a massive thanks to Bessie V over at shellesandbobbles for the nomination and to say I promise promise promise I wasn’t being rude, I just can’t do it properly from my phone but I do acknowledge this. So again thank you, you gem of a super star!!

🌼 Hand made with love from Daisy

New toy

I finally bought a new toy!!! It arrived and I’ve done my first ball! Exciting times. Now all’s I want to do is wind all my yarn because I can hahaha


Hand made with love from Daisy

US terms

For some reason, I get along with the US terminology far better than I do with the UK terms so please remember this when I comment about what stitches are involved in whatever it is I’m showing. 😄

Hand made with love from Daisy

Its a sad day…

I haven’t been able to do anything today. This, I find, is super sad. Others might think this is silly and not worth an emotion but when you love crafts, love working with yarn and it becomes your therapy, your go to thing to relax, unwind and sometimes a place to hide, it certainly does warrant an emotion.

It feels like may day hasn’t finished. Something is just incomplete,ike I’ve forgotten something. I’ve been to the gym this morning and then spent some quality time with the children and my partner and then all evening, I’ve been in the reading again for my course to which I still have two tests and a report to write, which left me no time to carry on with some of my projects and now I’m so tired I feel like I’m falling asleep as I write this haha. There has been lots of early mornings, late evenings and interrupted sleeps over the last week or so, so tiredness is catching up at bit.

It’s ok. Torrow is the day I finish the crocheted summer dress for my daughter and I can cross it off the list 😁

The not quite yarn bombing, yarn bombing

Last night was the night I ordered so much yarn I got free delivery. Now that might not seem amazine but when the balls cost between 80-99p, it’s quite an impressive amount……I should have it soon, to which my house will become literally bombed with yarn…everywhere. No jokes. The kids think it’s a great game to steal my balls and decorate, like they are on a crazy spring break esque thing with toilet paper haha. I’ll show you my giant new stash when it arrives. Oooo excited much 😉

Hand made with love from Daisy

A day in the life…

It takes a long time to photo everything you have and trust me, I’m doing it, I’ve added some new pages, with a few on which will be updated periodically when I complete something relevant to that page, so do keep checking and if you’re never sure, then just ask and I’ll let you know if anything is new in the hooks/needles/sewing machine haha. Be patient with me, I have to do this in between being mauled by animals…I mean looking after my three children 😜

Hand made with love from Daisy

So here I am again…..

So…yet again I find myself signing up, downloading, writing…..on another site. The amount of times I’ve been here is a little ridiculous. I want a place where I can show my creativity, what I can do and sometimes maybe have a little rant, but every. single. time I end up just ignoring the thing or giving up because no-one is there to see it. Publicity eh. Well maybe this time it will be different. Uve seen so many others use this so hopefully I can too.

About me, well. I’m me, that’s about it….Haha no not really. I’m a mum of three, one boy and two girls, I’m engaged and getting married summer of 2017 (if I haven’t killed him by then 😜). I’m studying for a bachelor’s in Criminology but have a huge passion (addiction) to crafty things. I love yarn. I mean actually love it. If I see the stuff, I have to buy at least one ball…it’s a curse, it really is. I crochet, sew, knit, draw, make, you name it, I’ve probably tried it once. I’m far too whimsical to the point I find something I want to make, start and suddenly find something else, so I started that too and BOOM!!! I have 20 WIPs (work in progress) on the go, which is kind of where I am today – I think over 15 as it stands and about the same planned already.

I whinge, whine and sometimes full on explode. I don’t k ow people, they don’t get on with me (I’m really quite mean ;)) and being a mum, puts you in that category of weird loner with children. I’m honestly not that bad, but each to their own opinion and whatnot. Anyways, I’m sure I’ll get around to adding pictures of things and other lovelies, maybe a whine or two as well…we’ll see.

* my given name isn’t actually Daisy, it’s a nickname I picked up 😜 but by all means, call me it.

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