About this blog. It’s so me to share what I’m doing in the creative world and hopefully encourage others to give different crafts a go. I will be doing many projects and showing my progress as well as some pointers if needed/asked. I hope to be able to open a shop I’m the further and to give craft lessons there as well as sell things I make and have people come to request makes. But for now, I have this 🙂

Now, about me, well. I’m me, that’s about it….Haha no not really. I’m a mum of three, one boy and two girls, I’m engaged and getting married summer of 2017 (if I haven’t killed him by then 😜). I’m studying for a bachelor’s in Criminology but have a huge passion (addiction) to crafty things. I love yarn. I mean actually love it. If I see the stuff, I have to buy at least one ball…it’s a curse, it really is. I crochet, sew, knit, draw, make, you name it, I’ve probably tried it once. I’m far too whimsical to the point I find something I want to make, start and suddenly find something else, so I started that too and BOOM!!! I have 20 WIPs (work in progress) on the go, which is kind of where I am today – I think over 15 as it stands and about the same planned already. 

I whinge, whine and sometimes full on explode. I don’t k ow people, they don’t get on with me (I’m really quite mean ;)) and being a mum, puts you in that category of weird loner with children. I’m honestly not that bad, but each to their own opinion and whatnot. Anyways, I’m sure I’ll get around to adding pictures of things and other lovelies, maybe a whine or two as well…we’ll see.

I’m on Facebook (Daisy Designs), Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbr and Instagram (and probably a few more) but I can’t remember my usernames right now haha so be sure to follow on FB and keep an eye on here for an update to follow in other things too.