Over the past few months I have had one thing after another happen and as we all know, sonetimes that means we can’t always stay in too of everything. It means that sometimes, some things become less of a priority to others and this has been quite true for me.

There has been injuries, operations, illnesses. There has been children’s illnesses and injuries. Then here has been work and more work and then more rehab from operations yhat I have needed anf I’m surprised that i don’t have my own personal room in the hospital or that they kniw me on sight just simply because of hoe often I have been there.

However, I did not stop crocheting. Even though I stopped posted. I may have had off days (sometimes weeks) but I continued and now I am back and will begin to update my page with all the things I have been doing.

I’m excited to share and I hope you’re all excited to see what  I’ve been up to…so over the next few days keep an eye out 😄 because as well as updating here, I have also been finishing up other projects I have had going on. Because even though having over 20 WIPs on the go is ok…its not ok haha!!