Yes, I have indeed started yet another project….it’s not my fault, its all you designers out there that fuel my addiction hahaha.

The CAL is by Mistie Bush over at American Crochet and is spread throughout the year starting today (7th Jan) and finishing 3rd November. The pattern called for worsted weight and a 5.5mm hook. I’ve opted for (only because I couldn’t wait to start and have used yarn in my stash) a brand here in the UK – The Knitting Basket DK although it works up slightly thicker than other DK, in red and cream (so similar in colour to what is suggested) and a 5mm hook. This gives my measurements as 46″ long and 2.5″ wide instead of the 52″ by 3″. However the yarn used is fairly stretchy so could probably add some length if i desire and it needs blocking as I did my chain slightly too tight so it doesn’t sit flat, but I’m sure this will sort.

This is the first part of the CAL – the first 6 rows.


I’m excited to see what comes next as each new part is released on a Thursday, twice monthly, so a little wait but I’m sure I’ll find something to do in the meantime.