The fall poncho CAL is almost over (if I’d have kept up, technically I should have finished on Wednesday) but I fell behind a little. I have now stitched the two rectangles together and have started to add the neckline. I altered the pattern given slightly. I should have had 56 sc around but I incleased it to 80, then worked the hex row then to fphdc and bphdc as stated for the first row. I then fastened off and worked into the back of the first row of normal hdc, using dc, doing 2tog every 2and 3rd strict. After this I did fp and bp dc around.



And I am now going to add another two rounds to make the neck taller which can then be folded if needed. I did also have to add an extra 4 parts onto the ends of each to make them longer and give an actual head hole bigger than a Barbie, which means without the neckline, it would have sat just fine as it were, but I wanted something fancy haha. This way it’s taller and can keep more warm as well as having it’s ‘uniqueness’ of its grill type edge. I just need to do the border to the whole thing and decide if I want to add tassel bits.

I will keep you in the loop 🙂

🌼 Hand made with love from Daisy