I have now just finally got round to actually sitting down and using my laptop (instead of my phone, which is sometimes a rotten thing to do) so I can officially announce that the beautiful Bessie V from Shells and Bobbles has nominated me for the Liebster Award! Thank you my darling, thank you 🙂 things like this is what makes the world a wonderful place to live in.

The Liester Award is given to new bloggers, welcoming them to their journey in the blogging world. This is what you have to do:

  • Make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you. Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post too.

  • Nominate 5 -10 other bloggers new bloggers and let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. (You can also nominate the person who nominated you.)

  • Ensure all of them have fewer than 200 followers.

  • Answer the eleven questions asked to you by the person who nominated you, and make eleven questions for your own nominees (or use the same questions).

  • Lastly, COPY these rules in your post.

Now for the exciting part…

I nominate:

Shells and Bobbles

Eresin in Stitches

Drunken Aunt Wendy Designs

Jadey Bird Crochet

Chronicle of Ellen

Holm Made

Tyger Knits

Oh My Yarns

Hooks n Ewe

These are the questions I have been asked to answer:

  1. Who or what is your crafting inspiration. – I can’t really say…I guess I remember my grandma always knitting a crocheting and sewing, but never thought anything of it, even though I dabbled a bit at the time, but a handful of years ago, I got the major itch.
  2. What is your favorite way to relax apart from crafting. – reading a good book or secretely I’m a bit of a gamer and enjoy my console games
  3. Where would you go on your dream holiday? – anywhere! Haha I haven’t really been on a ‘proper’ holiday so somewhere warm and wonderful as I’m not a massive fan of the cold…although it would be nice to stay in a log cabin, with a fire in the snow.
  4. What is your favorite accessory? – I don’t really use accessories, but if it were for me to wear, I’ve currently taken a likely to snuggly shawls/cardigans. If it is something else, I would say my hooks are my accessories haha.
  5. What is your favorite crafting project? – I certainly don’t have a favourite here. I love everything do too much to choose.
  6. What was your worst crafting disaster? – I think I’m quite lucky so far. I haven’t had any major disasters *fingers crossed*, only had a few incidents of frogging.
  7. If you had a super power, which one would it be? – speed for a time, as I often have to change projects before I get bored of the same pattern etc.
  8. Name one item that you cherish the most. – my yarn stash…a stash is one item, right? haha.
  9. Who is your favorite fictional character? – ohhhh, this is difficult…I love a bit of Sherlock (the newest series set in America)
  10. What is your favorite quote? – I am absolutely pants at remembering quotes or anything like that. The only thing in my head recently is a line off my toddlers favourite show “it’s a bunny…this is a bunny…this?” It is from Masha and the Bear where she is looking at footprints in the snow.
  11. Do you have pets? If so, please post a photo! If not, what pet would you like to have if time, money, allergies didn’t come into play? – I would love to have a German Shepard dog again. I had them as I grew up and they are beautiful gigantic beasts. I just adore them.

And as I’m a little unimaginative right now, my questions are:

  1. Who or what is your crafting inspiration.
  2. What is your favorite way to relax apart from crafting.
  3. What is your favourite crafting accessory?
  4. What is your favorite craft (crochet, knitting etc.)?
  5. What is the worse thing to happen to one of your projects?
  6. How often do you craft?
  7. If you could no longer do any crafts, what would you do instead?
  8. How much yarn do you have in your stash (balls and amount?
  9. Would you ever give up your craft?
  10. When do you do most of your crafting and where?
  11. Do you ever want to teach others to craft?

So, now it is down to all you lovelies to join in and once again thank you so much for nominating me 🙂