I have seen for a while now, a beautiful CAL that I wanted to take part in…one problem was that the instructions were in Dutch and I’m not a great Dutch speaking person haha. I could make out some words like lossen and was beginning to be able to read Dutch patterns and try to work from the pictures (which is also not one of my biggest strengths). The good news is, that the entire pattern is being translated! Whoop, we love you guys! Haha. So far the first 10 parts have been translated with the rest still in process. But I have worked up to round 11 on the first part so far.

I’ve gone for a neutral look with this one (although there is a giant flower in the middle). I changed the first 8 rounds to my own pattern, that I used from inspiration of another and then started with round 9 of the pattern.

I am now using worsted weight yarn (I feel like a big girl now, as I’ve only ever used DK). The beige round is two strands of dk as I didn’t have the right weight when I first started but that is fine and its roughly working up to a worsted size. It is thick though so this is definitely a winter blanket.



🌼 Hand made with love from Daisy