Yes, it’s another CAL 😄 this time it’s a fall poncho courtesy of Crochet Memoeries and Country Willow (hoping I got that correct).

It is made of two identical rectangles with a multitude of different stitches giving a great texture that is always changing. I’m using DK I’m burgundy and black and it remeinds me of cold, dark, Autumn nights, sitting under a blanket by the fire and falling leaves…and bonfire toffee haha. It uses a 5mm hook (which is the second option giving a size 2 which is American termings for sizes, the other being a size 6 and 6mm hook with worsted (I think) yarb- both of which are child sizes). So far it seems to be following the correct gauge but whether it fits my daughter or not is a different matter.

I’ve finished the first rectangle and almost the second whichni started today as I’d finished the first yesterday and rather than waiting to finish in completely then start the secin, they will both be done for part 9 which is joing. Currently we are at part 6.


It does sit straight and flat really, it’s just laid across my lap at the moment 😀

What’s everyone working on? And what’s your favourite place to hook, knit, sew, you name?

🌼 Hand made with love from Daisy