Yes…another haha this is the Fall Poncho CAL created by Crochet Memories and co. (If I have that correct as I know one of my WIPs is from these guys). I just love it, there’s so many textures going on, each set I’d a different stitch and there’s just so much umf to it. I believe I have the measurements right as it’s what was worked out when speaking with one of the co-designer’s.

It’s DK in burgundy and black, using a 5mm hook and is made up of two rectangles hounded together. So far it’s part 6 if the CAL and as I have fininshed the first rectangle, I thought I’d give the second one a look. I’m almost finished on part 6 of this one too so will be waiting til next week for part 7.


It does sit straight and flat, it’s just resting on my lap at current :).

🌼 Hand made with love from Daisy