I’ve made a find of own brand yarn which is super silky and soft dk. So I decided it best go to use as a blanket. I’ve started the Grace Blanket pattern from My Craft Life on Facebook. It’s so pretty, I just couldn’t resist. I’m only on the first part and that consists of 49 starburst motifs and I’m part way through.


I’ve started from the middle and am working in an outward clockwise spiral and made myself a chart (because I don’t have a working printer) to mark offy motifs. The provided pi tire of the completed item is this:


I tried to do it in another colour to make it more friendly for the bedroom as my other half isn’t into these colours but try as I might, I fell in love with the original so that’s the colours it’s going to be and he can suck it up haha.

As you can see, it gets darker as it works outwards (the all cream is the centre motif and I worked left, up, right, right, down, down, left, left, left…so on and so forth) hopefully the dish formation will flattern out once I join them or I’ll just have to block them.


The colours aren’t showing the best but in real life they are beautiful and match the provided picture to a tee 😄

🌼 Hand made with love from Daisy