So over the last few days I’ve been doing some of my ‘required reading’ for one of my modules for my coursework and today I just had to get a massive section done…I see it as do work first thing and then I have the rest of the day and night to craft.

I get it all done and now I’m trying with all my might to get a project finished for my daughter. It’s a diamond pattern lace dress, but I’m struggling with motivation. I’m almost done but I have to add extra rounds to make it much longer (she’s super tall for a 2yr old) so about another 10 rounds, yep that’s right, making a dress in the round, always fun I say haha. So here it is sat in a pile on my lap, whilst I stare off into oblivion and try not to dose off (loooong ass week, that includes irksome family members and crazy children).


Ignore the pasty legs, they don’t get out often.

Hand made with love from Daisy